Cédric Rommel

Cédric Rommel

Chief Machine Learning Scientist at Ava

I am a machine learning scientist and tech lead of the AI team at Ava, working in speaker recognition research to help breaking communication barriers between the deaf & the hearing world. My current research and engineering topics include mainly real-time speaker diarization with multiple channels, metric learning and neural voice embeddings.

I obtained my PhD (CIFRE) in Machine Learning and Optimal Control from the Ecole Polytechnique, under the supervision of Frédéric Bonnans and Pierre Martinon from INRIA's COMMANDS team. I was also greatly advised by the researchers from the French start up Safety Line, which funded my PhD. During my thesis I could develop practical solutions for identifying civil aircraft dynamical models using historical flights data, and use such models to reduce future flights fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with model-based reinforcement learning. My work is now part of the product OptiClimb, which is currently being used to deliver fuel efficient trajectories for flights all over the globe.

I also hold a MSc. in engineering and applied mathematics from MINES ParisTech.

You can find my CV here.

My main research interests are:

Reviewing work

NeurIPS 2019, ICML 2020, ...

Ph.D. Thesis





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