Cédric Rommel

Cédric Rommel

Machine Learning Scientist at Ava

I am a machine learning scientist at Ava working in speaker recognition research to help breaking communication barriers between the deaf & the hearing world. I just obtained a PhD (CIFRE) in Optimization and Statistical Learning from Ecole Polytechnique, which took place within the COMMANDS team from INRIA, at the Applied Mathematics Department of Ecole Polytechnique (CMAP), under the supervision of Frédéric Bonnans and Pierre Martinon. I was also greatly advised by the researchers from the french start up Safety Line, which funded my PhD. During my thesis I could develop practical solutions for identifying civil aircraft dynamical models using historical flights data, and use such models to reduce future flights fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through trajectory optimization (model-based reinforcement learning). I also hold a MSc. in engineering and applied mathematics from MINES ParisTech.

My main research interests are:

You can find my CV here.

Ph.D. Thesis





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